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Scale Reducers to Protect your Home.

Scale can damage your boiler, cylinders, taps and fixtures. The harder the water, the more minerals it contains and the more likely limescale is to build up. Scale reducers are essential for properties where water hardness is above 200ppm. Scale reducers and limescale prevention units protect individual appliances from damage, so that hard water isn’t a problem.

There are a few different reducers on the market today.

Inline Magnetic Scale Inhibitors:

Professional quality magnetic scale inhibitors, are designed for easy installation into new or existing cold-water systems. With its compact size and high-quality finish, ideal where space is limited, or the finished installation is visible. Provides whole house or single appliance protection from limescale. No chemicals required.

Polyphosphate Compound Scale Reducers:

These scale reducers are filled with polyphosphate crystals which are released in very small quantities when water is passed through it. The released polyphosphate compound coats the inside of the pipework with a non-residual, microscopic protective layer which prevents scale causing minerals from building up. These limescale reducers can also be installed to provide protection for a whole house, or to just a single appliance. Reduces scale build up to increase boiler efficiency and protects pipework. Safe for drinking water, yearly maintenance required which can be serviced with your boiler.

Electronic Scale Inhibitors:

Electronic scale inhibitor are easy and quick to install – simply wrap the aerial wires around pipework and plug into a standard household socket.

Electronic scale reducers create variable frequency waves to create an electrical pulse in water. A single polarity is induced, resulting in the prevention of hard scale formation and a reduction in existing scale build-up. These devices are best used for protecting individual appliances but can be used to protect the whole house if powerful enough.

Interested in reducing scale in your home? We can help. Call us today and arrange a visit by one of our friendly engineers 020 8111 1230

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