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Filters for your Central Heating System.

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

Filter Protection Loughton

Corrosion affects all central heating systems over time causing breakdowns to boilers and central heating systems with expensive repairs to follow.

Magnetite is the official name of system sludge, it's made up from Iron Oxide the result of a chemical reaction between the different metals and air ingress into the system. 96% of system sludge is magnetic and up to 250 grams of sludge.

Below are a few images of what we have been finding inside our customers systems.

The main benefits of fitting a filter to the central heating system is an improvement in its efficiency. System sludge creates cold spots on radiators which reduces the heat output of the paneled convector. It also increases the time taken to heat your home meaning your boiler is on for longer periods, increasing heating bills. By removing these cold spots we are returning the system back to its original designed state.

Once the filter has been fitted by our engineers, there will be an immediate ongoing protection to your central heating system. Cleaned annually when having your boiler serviced insures that what ever has been picked up by the filter over the year will be cleaned and removed. Extending the life of your pipework, boiler and radiators.

Want to know more? Please call our team on 020 811 1230 and a member of LHS Plumbing Services will be happy to assist you with your inquire.

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