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Customer Update 22-05-20

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Latest update on working in people’s homes

Following the announcement on Sunday from Boris Johnson and the UK Government, there has been further clarity for Tradespeople working in people's homes.  It is recognised that the Heating and Hot Water Industry enables essential services and is an integral part of the UK’s response to Coronavirus.

The Government fully endorse the continuation of business, where possible, and workers delivering essential services in the heat sector are classed as key workers.

Further clarity has been obtained that essential repairs and maintenance (including service) of heating appliances is allowed and that heating installers and engineers are now able to carry out this type of work in homes if they adhere to the safe working guidelines.

So that means that we can, if you feel comfortable, carry out heating system repairs, maintenance, and servicing to ensure the continued safe and reliable operation of heating and hot water systems. This could mean part replacement and boiler replacement if the appliance was beyond economical repair.


A list of essential repairs that could cause more damage to your home or appliances if not repaired quickly.

Gas leaks

Faulty gas appliances 

Boiler replacements

Boiler repairs

Boiler servicing

Boiler maintenance

No heating

Heating repairs (rads & valves)

Heating controls

No hot water

Cylinder immersion not working

Burst pipes

Leaking toilets

Leaking taps

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Latest updates to our business 

Over the past few months we have been updating our systems and introducing new sections to the business. Here is a list of the up and coming changes were making.

- Launching of our new website for all our most common services

- Service and installations can be booked online and paid through the site

- Online boiler quote 

- Video calling for quick diagnostics and repairs

- Boiler care plan packages




Boiler Repair work in Loughton

Leaking diverter valve on her Vaillant combi boiler causing the boiler to cut out due to low pressure, when attending we found a few other leaks that needed attention.

Gas meter.jpg

Gas Leak work in Wanstead

Call out to a customer who was worried he could smell gas in one corner of his kitchen.

We had an engineer out that afternoon to test the gas meter in his basement. The test passed and we confirmed that there was no gas leak in the property.


LHS Plumbing Services - Quick tap repair #3

LHS Plumbing Services - Quick tap repair #3

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